BITTERSON MUSIC is an audio recording and production operation founded in 2007 and operated by me, Phillip Amerson.  As a musician and producer, I am able to offer a unique perspective to the recording and production process.  My experiences as a musician and performer help to shape each project I undertake:  I enjoy making dynamic songs out of bare demos.  I commonly play guitar, bass, and keyboards on songs when asked.  I am able to write melody lines for instruments and vocals.  I like arranging and writing new songs with clients, harmonizing vocals and instruments, and layering tracks to create great soundscapes.  I also have a working partnership with Rax Trax Studios and can schedule time and services at this studio as part of your production package.

Since joining the US Army Reserve in 2010 I've maintained a focused client list and project-based focus. The home-based recording studio has transitioned many times around the world, but the relationships with the below artists and Rax Trax Studios in Chicago remain strong and current.  Along with recording and production, I have consistently worked as a musician and live recordist/audio engineer with local contemporary worship bands everywhere I've lived since 2010:

  • Chicago, IL (Revival Tabernacle)
  • Kandahar, Afghanistan (KAF Church Band)  
  • Charleston, SC (Seacoast West, Coastal Community Church) 
  • Enterprise, AL (Ft. Rucker Wings Chapel) 
  • Hopewell, VA (Destination Church) 
  • Grafenwoehr, Germany (Chapel Netz)
  • Des Moines, IA (North Point Church) 

Albums I've produced:


Other clients I've worked with:
The Indoor Kids
Holiday House
Raw Footage 
Ryan Hill 
Will Hulseman
Krystee Wylder

Contact me, Phillip, anytime at (773) 243-6071 or or to discuss your project.




Feedback from past clients:

"Phillip...ur the man, bro! Thanks so much for recording and engineering "Motivation". On behalf of the entire Raw Footage crew, I sincerely thank you for spending so much time and effort on our project. We're looking forward to the success of the video and you're a big part of that." - Sin City - RF

"Yey! Thanks to Bitterson Music, we have wonderful LIVE recordings! Come check 'em out!!!" - Carrie from The Pin Ups Show

"Everything came out sounding fantastic - some things even better than our actual studio record - and people are loving the recording. Thanks again!" - AK from Leopold and Loeb

"Thanks Phillip. If I want another show recorded I will be sure to let you know." - Frank from The Stoneflys

"...this sounds really good... we will probably release this for download sales around Christmas" - Elegwen from Damanta

"PHIL! THE CD SOUNDS AWESOME!!! Very impressed!...Has already gotten us bookings at other clubs!... You really helped bring the best out of our live show. Totally worth it! ...Definitely will be using you again soon! Thanks again" - Mike from Will Jacobs and Dirty Deal